Easy keeping, functional females with sound structure, complimented with good EPDs and style – those are the kind of cattle we strive to create here at Missing Rail Simmentals. 

It all began in the fall of 1982 when newlyweds, Tim and Peg Brinkman of Holgate, Ohio decided to start a small purebred Simmental cow/calf operation. They first started by purchasing a few, high quality females to serve as the base of their herd. Some of these females were successfully exhibited at national shows such as the NAILE and NWSS. As our herd grew the operation turned from a hobby to a small business.

The early nineties began a new chapter for the Brinkman family. Children, Emily and Kyle became the sixth generation on the working family farm. In 1999 Emily participated at her first American Junior Simmental Association (AJSA) National Classic, and Kyle soon followed in her footsteps.  It didn't take long before every summer was filled with attending shows across the country. Today we continue to exhibit cattle across the nation, at shows such as the American Royal, NAILE, NWSS, AJSA Regional and National Classics and the Ohio State Fair.

Looking back from where we started to where we are now, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. We're now maintaining 50 calving cow/calf pairs a year on our farm located in Northwest Ohio; far more than what was anticipated at the beginning of this venture. As we continue to grow we still strive to produce functional cattle for a purebred or commercial producer. We hope our website will give you a ‘tour’ of our operation and the kind of cattle we’ve enjoyed breeding since 1982.

From Our Farm to Yours – The Brinkman’s


We were honored to be selected as the Ohio Cattlemen's Association 2013 Seedstock Producer of the Year.